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Shamanism is the world’s oldest healing tradition, and is found in all cultures on Earth.  Throughout history, the Shaman has served as the communicator between the physical and spiritual realms through various rituals and visualizations.  These are the basic and fundamental practices of our ancestors, and facilitate the spiritual work that aligns us with our own nature and connects us to the Earth.  Shamans work with allies, including animal spirits, to teach, guide, and assist them as they strive to live impeccably.  

Since ancient times, animals have acted as messengers and omens, healers, and symbols of aspects of the human experience.  By observing the instinctual behavior of each animal – how and where it lived, located food, found mates, and protected itself – a shaman was able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of that animal.  The ancient Egyptians, for example, revered frogs for fertility, cats as guardian creatures and signs of good fortune, and falcons as a symbol of the flight of the soul after death.  In Native American traditions, buffalo are a sign of abundance and groundedness.  The Bible depicts the serpent as a giver of knowledge, while the Greeks and Romans viewed it as a symbol or renewal and healing.  Animal spirits are a powerful tool to get in touch with specific qualities found within the animal that a person needs, connects with, or feels a deep affinity for.  

There are several guides who will help us throughout our lives, either by physically appearing, coming to us in dreams or visions, or by being with us in essence.  It is not up to us to choose the guide we want or think best suits us, nor is it something someone else can decide for us.  Each animal spirit has its own unique Medicine, and each will choose to whom they will reveal themselves.  Discovering your animal guides is a process of paying attention to the spirits around you and following the signs.  A Crow or Snake crossing your path may be more than a random coincidence.  Once we recognize the significance of the pattern the animal represents (just like Bohm’s Implicate Order in quantum physics) the event relates information about the deeper layers of our lives.  By developing our inner knowledge and spiritual understanding, we can reap the benefits of the gifts Mother Earth provides to guide and nurture our whole selves, allowing us to lead richer and more connected lives.


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