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It’s physics.

No, really.  It is.

Everyone think back to the homework you copied off the smart kid in 12th grade physics.  The Law of Vibration & Resonance, very simply put, determines the vibrational intensity a system projects.  If you have two fields resonating at a similar frequency and amplitude, they make a third similar field.  If you have two fields with a dissimilar frequency and amplitude, their vibrations must come into a state of resonance, where the smaller field will shift and come into harmony with the larger one.  

I can hear your brain wondering, “So, what?”

Back to our old friend, Science: Blood is made up of hemoglobin, which is a rhombic, prismatic crystal.  Everytime blood moves through your heart, it becomes programed with the frequency of your heart (which is determined by your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs).   Human beings are giant EMF (electromagnetic frequency) oscillators, and when we are exposed to systems emitting vibrations of a louder amplitude than our natural balance, our resonance shifts.  These overpowering fields can originate from many sources, including having a lot of electronic equipment or unshielded wires in the home, someone near us in a really bad mood, or stones and crystals.  

The body has a natural instinct to move towards balance, and developing your intuition is the first step to reaching that equilibrium.  Have you ever been walking somewhere and spotted a rock that you just had to pick up?  It may have been pretty, or had an odd texture, or fit perfectly in your hand – whatever the reason, chances are, it was resonating at a frequency and amplitude that your body craved.  By bringing it into your electromagnetic field, you allowed the stone to alter the vibrations of atoms in your body with a similar vibratory field, creating a larger resonant field between your energy and that of the stone.  This has a domino effect affecting the other vibrational fields in your body, ultimately causing an energetic shift.

There are two main points I’m trying to illustrate:

1.  Working with crystals and stones is not just for people who drank the kool-aid: it’s based on the unchanging principles that govern our universe and allow it to exist and thrive.  While valuable during healing sessions, incorporating them into our everyday lives is simpler (and subtler) than one might think – wearing an amber necklace to stimulate the throat chakra, placing amethyst by your bed for insomnia, using black tourmaline to block EMFs emitted by your computer, or just carrying a rock you felt drawn to in your pocket.  We can all benefit from the vibratory gifts the Earth has provided for us.

2.  The Law of Resonance applies to more than just stones.  Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, and sound therapy are just a few forms of vibrational healing.  Energy medicine is an ancient art that is only now being taken seriously by the Western scientific community, but we often practice it (albeit sometimes poorly) without even realizing.  We’ve all had those moments of getting in an elevator with someone who’s angry or upset and finding our mood becomes sour as well, or a friend who’s laughter is truly contagious.  You don’t have to be an expert to have an impact on those around you, so being aware of the energy you put forth is, if nothing more, a courtesy to your neighbors.  The next time you have a friend having a bad day, see if you can raise their vibrations and elevate their mood with your own energy, instead of vice versa.  

A few resources for those seeking a deeper understanding:

How and Why Stones and Crystals Work by Naisha Ahsian gives a much better description of the particle physics behind everything.  She also co-authored The Book of Stones with Robert Simmons, which I find to be an indispensable guide for identifying and understanding the subtle energies of minerals.  

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is a good quick-reference guide with a great index that cross-references stones and attributes.

More common in Europe – especially Poland – Salt Caves are believed to improve many dis-eases of the respiratory, circulatory, and endocrine systems.  After all, what is salt, but crystals!


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