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If you’ve tried a few of the dowsing exercises and find your accuracy is off, don’t give up.  A few simple steps may clear the way and also improve other imbalances at the same time.  Try any or all of the following suggestions:


  • Drink a glass of water.  Never underestimate the value of proper hydration.
  • Breathe.  Sometimes we focus so hard, we forget the basics.  Without breath, we cannot access prana or qi, the vital energy that nourishes our cells and sustains life.  This is essential.
  • Try relocating slightly.  The Earth energies, as well as man-made energies, can have a big effect on us.  If you are standing over a detrimental energy, you will be weaker, and this may be affecting your responses.
  • If your polarity is unbalanced, this can impact your dowsing and the overall flow of energy through your body.  During a dowsing workshop, there was a girl who was having trouble – her yes’s were no’s, her no’s were yes’s, and she was unable to locate the same water sources the rest of us were.  Marty identified the problem, and in minutes was able to correct the imbalance, which, in turn, corrected the inaccuracies in her dowsing.  Several things may help, such as forming the Gyan Mudra to help balance the flow of energy and stimulate knowledge and ability.  Simply by connecting your thumb (representing cosmic consciousness, intuition) and index finger (individual consciousness, inspiration) you are completing the circuit and bringing about a change in your body.  Breathe.  Another option is to tap your thymus, which will stimulate the gland and help build immunities, while also energizing the lungs, heart, bronchial tubes, and throat.  Additionally, you can stand with your right hand on your left shoulder, and your left hand on your right shoulder – take three deep breaths, then switch your arms and take three more.  
  • You can ask to be cleared.  It almost sounds too obvious, but the Universe wants to work with us, not against us, and will assist us if we only ask.  This can be done in whatever fashion you feel comfortable with.  You can say, “I invoke that I be in clear and present time”, or ask the pendulum, “Please clear me for dowsing”, or ask the divinity of your choice to clear your chakras and put you in balance.
  • Finally, consider what it is you are trying to dowse:  Did you ask permission?  Is it something frivolous or intrusive that is not for the highest good?  Is your question poorly phrased for a clear answer?

If, after trying these, you still aren’t having much luck, don’t hesitate to contact myself, the American Dowsing Society, or any other dowser for help.  It’s not a secret society, and the more people who empower themselves to reconnect with the world around them, the better off we all are.


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