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There is no limit to the information the universe can provide to you when you dowse wisely and with respect.  Everything from the inane day-to-day quagmires to the looming questions surrounding the nature of our existence can be answered.  Don’t forget dowsing 101:  ask permission, word your questions carefully, and say thank you after.  Everything below can be dowsed with a pendulum, but L-rods may be easier for locating energy lines or lost objects.


Here are a few suggestions to try for yourself:

  • Locate lost objects, including keys, jewelry, wallets, anything.  Start with general questions (Are my keys currently in my house?) and move to more specific (Are my keys under the living room couch?).  Using an L-rod, you can start with general yes or no questions, and then ask to be guided in the direction of the lost object.  You can have a friend help by hiding specific objects and then going on a treasure hunt!
  • What colors should you paint the walls of your house or office?  Should you do stripes, or texture?  Wallpaper?
  • Supper time: Yum.  At the market, dowse which produce (both the type and the specific piece) is the healthiest and most beneficial for you to buy?  What will go best with it in a meal?  How should you prepare it, and which spices should you use?
  • Buying a car?  Which make and model will serve you for the highest good?  Are there any electrical, mechanical, or aesthetic problems that need to be fixed?  What is a fair price to pay?  (For situations like this, you may want to use a chart, create your own chart, or use a picture to answer more than just yes-or-no questions.)
  • Having trouble sleeping?  Dowse for a vein of water under your bed, or detrimental energy lines that may be affecting you.  If you find some, ask if these energies are willing to become beneficial, so that you, or anyone else who sleeps there, will not suffer from the effects.  Water, energy, and the Earth in general will be very accommodating if only you ask!  (First, ask permission.  Treat nature like a good friend, and ask if the energy is able, as well as willing to change from detrimental to beneficial.  If no, seek help or try again later.  If yes, ask that the line shift its energy from detrimental to beneficial, and that it be done with divine compassion, for the greatest good of the universe, and for the duration of the time people live in the house.  It may take a few moments for this to be accomplished, and you may want to use your pendulum to tell you when the shift is complete.  Dowse again for detrimental energy lines in the same spot to check your work.)  Practice locating other energy lines exist in your home and garden – be sure to specify if you are seeking beneficial, detrimental, or all energy lines.  Map them out and see if a pattern emerges.
  • Dowse the energy from electronic devices: your cell phone, microwave, computer, tv, and more all have electromagnetic fields.  Is the energy beneficial or detrimental?  Can you change the detrimental to beneficial?
  • Plants have many things to discover through dowsing.  Choose a house plant or one in your garden.  Is it for the highest good to be in its current location?  Does it need water?  How big is its auric field?  If you speak kindly to it, does its aura grow or shrink?  What about if you speak harsh words and insults?  Does the same apply if you only think kind or cruel thoughts?  Similar experiments have been conducted on people, plants, and even on water, and it is amazing to see the effects of our intentions.  Try asking similar questions to a friend and observe what happens to their own auric field (they may need watering).
  • Where should you hang a piece of artwork?  Is it in the right room, on the right wall, at the right height for the highest good?  Dowsing the energies inherent in photographs and objects is something that will be covered in greater depth in a later post, but continue to explore the auric field of the work and how energy is moving through it.
  • Similar to plant and art location, dowse the best positions for furniture in your home or office.
  • Dowse the location of the door in a tree.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, try it, and see what happens.
  • What color should you wear today?  Which items of clothing specifically – shirt, shoes, handbag, accessories?
  • Which vitamins does your body need today?  What dose will be best for you?  Is there something you should avoid? (Although I fully trust my own dowsing to steer me in the right direction, please check with a medical professional before making any rash decisions about medications.)
  • Is there water on Jupiter?
  • Dowse your spirit guides, power animals, or past lives.  Please be sure to only communicate with beneficial entities, and, for good measure, please invoke sacred space, or a golden ring of protection that extends around you ten miles in every direction before beginning.  This may sound silly, but please take it seriously – especially for beginners – because if there are detrimental entities or separates present, they may attach themselves to you or interfere with your dowsing in some other way.  Consider it a spiritual immune system, and feel free to invoke it any time you are dowsing, or when you are in a situation surrounded by negative people.  Simply ask Archangel Michael, a spirit guide, the Divine, or whoever you feel comfortable with, to surround you with a golden ring of protection that will prevent psychic attacks from harming you, as well as anything negative you may inadvertently send out from affecting others.

The list of possibilities is infinite, so explore and be creative.  Once again, remember to ask permission and say thank you, and if you are told it is not the right time to ask something, heed the answer and move on to another topic.  If you’re having trouble, don’t get frustrated.  Look over a few dowsing tips, and when in doubt, ask!  Am I correct?  Is this for the highest good?  Have I forgotten to ask something?  Do I need to be more specific?  Respect for this gift, trust in yourself, and practice will allow you to develop your dowsing abilities for the highest good in your own life and for the universe.

Good luck, and good dowsing.


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There are many great resources for those interested in learning to dowse, but the best method for learning – as with anything – is to practice so that you gain confidence in your skills.  Dowsing doesn’t rely on psychic ability, religious belief (or non-belief), secret rituals, or bizarre tools to work; it’s a way of knowing.  Anyone and everyone is capable of tapping into the universal consciousness.  Here are a few resources, exercises, and tips to get you started, and most dowsers are more than willing to answer any questions you encounter.

Related Readings and Resources:

Letter to Robin & the Companion Letter to Robin by Walter Woods – These two are often considered the “go-to” introductory books.  Robin was having the same problems many new dowsers experience – how to ask questions correctly, programming the tools, judging the reliability of the responses, how to explain it to your friends, etc.  She contacted the American Society of Dowsers, and they sent her the names of ten Dowsers, who all responded to her inquiries.  One of the ten was Walter Woods, a past president of ASD, who recognized the need for a booklet to address these questions.  Using the suggestions of many dowsers, he created these guides, which are now in their tenth editions.

Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment by Joey Korn – Joey is a fascinating character I’ve had the pleasure of learning from in workshops.  This book describes both the pragmatism of dowsing (changing the detrimental energies of your microwave into beneficial ones, for example), as well as how it can be used as a powerful tool to increase spirituality and healing.  Joey has found the Tree of Life, a central feature of Kabbalah, in the energies around human beings and Earth energies.

Spiritual Dowsing by Sig Lonegren – Sig focuses on not only the tangible things one can dowse, but also the intangible.  His book provides the intellectual background our left brains crave, but also the exercizes necessary to really experience what he writes about.  He has worked extensively with sacred sites in New England and Great Britain, and strongly promotes deviceless dowsing.


While deviceless dowsing is easy to learn, most beginners should start using a pendulum or L-rod to give them a little distance until they learn to trust their responses.  Otherwise the conscious mind may overtake the subconscious.  

Pendulum: I have lovely memories wiling away tenth-grade English class and wowing my friends by answering yes/no questions using my necklace as a pendulum.  You can use anything that hangs on a few inches of string or chain.  Pendulums are quick, small, and easy to use with a chart.

L-rods: Another easy tool to use, and can be made cheaply with wire coat hangers.

Y-rod: This is the traditional tool of the water dowser, and is often made from small tree branches.

Getting Started:

The first step is to determine your neutral or search position.  Set the pendulum swinging in a to and fro motion at a slight diagonal to your body.  Ask (in your head or out loud, it makes no difference) to be shown your “yes” position, and then your “no” position.  For some, it’s a clockwise/counterclockwise circle, while for others it is a forward-backward/side-to-side motion.  There is no wrong response.  If you aren’t sure of your answer, or the pendulum continues to swing in the neutral position, you can program the response.  This isn’t cheating – it’s establishing the symbolic language mind and body will use to communicate.  I recommend a clockwise rotation for yes, and a counterclockwise rotation for no.  It may also be helpful to program a “wrong question” signal until you get the hang of it, such as swinging in the opposite diagonal of your neutral position.  Just like any new skill, a little practice will go far, so spend some time asking for “yes”, “no”, and “wrong question” responses until they come quickly and reliably.

After your responses are established, you’re ready to ask a question.  Once you have chosen a topic, it is good practice to ask permission.  We might want to know something which cannot yet be answered, or is an issue of pyschic trespass, and this may negatively affect our responses.  Not for every question, but for every topic, I ask, “May I, Can I, Is it appropriate for me to dowse?”  “May I” asks permission, to ensure we are asking in response to a genuine need, and not idle curiosity or unwanted intrusion.  “Can I” asks if I am competent to do the work (you might get a no if you are energetically unbalanced or not yet skilled enough).  “Is it appropriate” asks if this is the right time for such an inquiry to be made and the answer revealed.  If you receive a yes to all three, pose your query.

Asking the right question can be tricky for beginners.  Clear your mind and focus – the subconscious will have a harder time if your mind is a jumble of thoughts.  Phrase each question clearly so that a “yes” or “no” response is a full and complete answer; be specific and avoid compound questions.  “Will I meet someone nice?” doesn’t get to the heart of the question, as nice people come and go every day.  “Will I meet a suitable romantic partner in the near future?” is more accurate, and can be followed up by more specific questions, such as “Will this person enter my life in the next six months?”  Often when answers are misleading, it can be traced back to an ambiguous question, so it helps to write down the questions to ensure they’re fully developed.  I usually start questions with “Is it for the highest good” … for me to buy this couch? … to turn left at the next light? … to dye my hair blue today?

After the question has been asked, keep your mind open and unattached to the answer you are about to receive.  Remember that your subconscious will interpret your question literally, and won’t distinguish between what you meant and what you asked.  When I am finished with a topic, I like to say “thank you” to the universal consciousness and any Guides that may have assisted me.  It helps to keep one’s energies aligned with the higher good, and fosters a sense of reverence and respect for this wonderful gift.

Practice! Practice! Practice!:

To build up confidence in your dowsing abilities, try a few of these exercises:

  • Flip over a pack of cards one at a time and dowse whether the next card will be red or black.
  • Blind dowsing: write down simple questions you know the answers to on slips of paper and fold them.  Choose a slip and – without reading the question – ask if the answer is yes or no.
  • Dowse questions you will shortly know the answers to: Will a friend be at home when you call?  How many rings before they pick up?
  • Roll dice and dowse if the sum will be even or odd.
  • Dowse questions with friends to see if you come up with the same answers.

Don’t get frustrated if your answers aren’t accurate.  Check your question for ambiguity or try again later when you feel more alert and clear.  Remember that genuine need and serving the highest good is the best key to unlock your dowsing abilities.  Good luck, and good dowsing!

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Learning to dowse changed my life.

As a favor to my mother, I agreed to accompany her to the American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention.  She had gone the year before with my aunt, and was excited to share this experience with me, as well as to spend a week with family in Vermont.  I had no idea what I was in for when I arrived for the pre-convention dowsing school, but I was ready for anything.  I had recently quit my job after realizing I couldn’t put the “happy face” on every morning and serve people eggs anymore, and was desperately seeking direction.  I knew I was meant to do more with my life than mindlessly bumble through, but the options were overwhelming.  This seemed like a perfect opportunity to escape the city, clear my head, and begin to figure out what I wanted.

The participants at the workshop ran the gamut, from old New Englanders who had been water witching for years, to young children, to people like me, who had an interest, but needed guidance.  A sense of empowerment started to flow through the two-dozen or so of us as we began to locate underground streams, the doors in trees, and each others energy fields.  One of the teachers there was Marty Cain, an amazing woman who told us you can dowse anything: locating your reading glasses, measuring how much to water the plants in your garden, making sure a car you’re about to buy doesn’t have any hidden problems, learning if there is water on the moon – you can do it all, and everyone has the ability.  Whether by a wooden Y-rod, bobber, metal L-rods, pendulum, or your own body; it’s not the tool that dowses, but you.  It’s the ability to tap into your intuition, that little voice we all possess (and sometimes ignore) that knows better, and can connect us to the higher conscious.  Now, before this starts to sound too airy-fairy, let me cover some basics:

Everything is conscious: humans, animals, plants, water, even stones.  We are all beings of energy living in a sea of energy, interconnected and able to change the subtle energies around us with every thought, action, and emotion.  Ever wonder why some people just can’t catch a break, while other seem to have all the luck?  Every negative thought and feeling puts forth detrimental energy into our environment, surrounding and filling us with fear, anger, and resentment, which can hold us back and make us physically sick.  By the same token, positivity promotes beneficial energies that bring us joy, abundance, healing, and success in all we endeavor to accomplish.  The more we understand these energies and their effects, the more we are able to take charge of the process.  Dowsing is a potent tool to explore the subtle energies and our connection to them, allowing us to take more control over our lives.

I received many gifts from this experience, the two most important being intuition and intention.  I learned that we all have the ability to dowse, because we are all part of the energetic web that connects us to everything around us, past, present, and future.  Our intuition is the key that can unlock the secrets of the universe, if only we trust it and learn to develop it.  Once we open the door to the higher conscious, we can stop being passive spectators and victims of circumstance.  By learning to actively engage the world around us, we can empower ourselves to break old patterns that may have hindered us, and shape our fortunes for the higher good of ourselves, our loved ones, and the universe as a whole.

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