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It has been far too long since this blog has received the proper amount of attention from me, and for that, I apologize.  In my defense, several wonderful changes have occurred for me, the most important of which is also the most time-consuming.  Named for my beloved Grandma, Eleanor Rae Swift made her entrance into the world this past June.  Coincidentally, my mother and aunt were participating in the closing ceremonies at the annual Dowsing Convention, and many people I love and respect, as well as many strangers, were chanting and sending energy to us during my labor.  4.5 hours and no drugs later, Ellie joined me in the tub, calm and wide-eyed, and Drew and I couldn’t be happier.  Since then, she has befriended all sorts of people, and always astounds strangers with how alert and of-the-Earth she is.  Intuitive friends sense that she is meant for great things, and – despite perhaps being biased – I can’t help but agree.  She is teaching me as much as I’m teaching her, if not more, and I am thankful I was able to honor my grandmother in such a special way.

To ease my way back into better utilizing this forum, I will share a few resources and tips that I found essential during my pregnancy.  I have to add that mind-over-matter was the secret to my success.  I had a wonderful pregnancy and amazing labor.  Any and every expecting woman is capable of the same.

  • Anything by Ina May Gaskins.  I have a friend who read Spiritual Midwifery, but I only read her Guide to Childbirth, and it helped me to better realize that there was nothing to be nervous about.  As women, our bodies were designed for this purpose, and can accomplish it beautifully if we allow ourselves to follow our instincts.
  • The Business of Being Born.  When I first mentioned the idea of a having the baby at home or at a birthing center, Drew’s response was, “Hospitals.  It’s what they’re made for.”  After seeing this documentary, his tune changed.  Each birth is different, and I am by no means opposed to or judging women who choose to deliver in hospitals, but if that is your desired location, at least be aware of the potential decisions you may face.  For me, my experience in a birthing center with midwives was more wonderful than I can describe.
  • Drew and I used the Bradley Method to educate ourselves, but whatever system is preferred, I found that taking classes allowed me to have complete confidence that my partner knew exactly what to expect for a variety of potential situations, how to assist and relax me, and better facilitated our communication throughout my pregnancy and labor.  I could not have had the amazing experience I did if not for him.

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